In which a theme is revisited

Yup, back to this idea. Crime is a bit harsh maybe but-oh man, look at this daffodils-the idea is solid. Trying and failing is many times better than not trying at all. I’m not sure how I feel about visiting the same idea so many times but it’s decent enough to leave up. The original is by James Russel Lowell, though I’ve seen “sin” used as the last word a few times. I guess it depends on how you judge your own actions. Oh!  A woman came in last week to tell me that she enjoyed the sign and looked forward to it changing every week. This is good news because A) I know that I’m making the townsfolk happy B) I know that the building owner isn’t having vivid, long-standing hallucinations. Everybody wins! Also I’m up to date on these now so there should be an update every week.

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