A new direction

Ahhh, another use for the sign! I’ll try to put up words that are obscure, useful, or beautiful. And, of course, they have to fit on the sign. Should there be parentheses around the N? Whatever. This sign was suggested by someone else and now here it is, so you should all realize that making suggestions could lead to this level of fame.

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4 Responses to A new direction

  1. yes… you need to clarify that it is a noun- use the “( )” or at least put DEFINITION: or something. non-biology or environmental science people would never get that, and even my field, i think i’ve only heard it ever used once, and that was by a professor from French Canada, and i’m not sure if he used that word, or if i just misunderstood him (but the class was about watershed hydrology, so at least the course was relevant.)

    • “Definition” won’t fit by a long shot but I’ll see if I have any parentheses lying around. Someone else asked whether the n was part of the word, which would make for the strangest spacing on a word I’ve ever seen, but I see that it can be clearer. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. oh, and on that note- the next sunny day we get, or rainy day (really dark outside), you can comment on the albedo that day… people will confuse it with libido… well, if you use it in conversation with a french canadian accent they will.

  3. Ereshkigal says:

    It would seem you have a whovian as a reader.

    Might I suggest using a word like mellifluous or susurrus for your next definition?

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