In which it finally happens

This start as “if you seek to be understood, express yourself.” Only now I’m looking this up and can’t seem to find it written down anywhere so maybe I made it up? It’s a pretty simple concept but there has to be a reason why so many people utter the phrase “I’m not a mind-reader, you know.”

Fun news! Earlier this week, I showed up at work to find my sign completely devoid of letters. My coworker informed me that someone had changed the letters to spell out some rude words during the evening so my coworker just took all the letters down. I put the original quote back up during lunch. Should I challenge the vandal to an anagram-off?


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One Response to In which it finally happens

  1. katpilato says:

    game on, Vandal! Eat these words and DIE! Loving the posts.

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