OK, so this is a line from a cartoon. But it was a great cartoon! Uncle Iroh was wonderfully written and we should all be so lucky as to have such kin watching over us.

It’s a good line. You can’t be ashamed if you don’t have pride. Somewhere between catch-22, paradox, and happy irony (Iroh-ny?). But is shame entirely bad? Can it not act as a guiding force when we’re being jerks? But then, why are we jerks if not for pride? The mind boggles.

A big hello to all of my new readers who arrived via Reddit. My viewership stats took an interesting turn this week. Guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for relevant threads. Or maybe y’all can do that work for me. And a shoutout to all those who offered to buy me new letters (I lost another S this week!), though I really can’t accept because vinyl letters are preposterously expensive. If you find a cheap source for 8-7/8″ tall letters, though, let me know.


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