But sometimes it’s just wis

2-21-14 (2)

I didn’t even have to rearrange or shorten this one! It was originally said by M. Scott Peck (apparently). I’ve found this to be the case–you become unsure of something about which you’d previously been certain. This leads you on a chase for truth and in that pursuit, you learn not just the fact but how to approach facts.

Sorry it’s been a while since the last update but the snow hit the sign pretty hard (I lost an A!) and I’ve only just been able to dig it out. On a related note, I got to dive out from beneath a collapsing roof this morning!

RoofIncident (2)

Here’s where I landed, though the roof was a little bit lower before we propped it up with a stick.

RoofIncident (4)

This is to show that this roof is now blocking two entrances to the building. Marvelous.

RoofIncident (3)

Outside view! It’s difficult to determine how much snow is on the roof from this picture due to all of the snow that’s just around.

RoofIncident (1)

While my reflexes managed to pull me out before getting knocked on the head, I did catch a slight clip on my shoulder.

I was just trying to clear the ice and snow off before the roof collapsed from the weight! But there was a miscommunication between my coworker and me which led to the whole thing coming down while I was beneath it. Honestly, it was the most fun I’ve had at work in a long time.

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