And one of them flies unlike a banana


Last week’s sign didn’t work. At all. So much for bartering unsolicited service for service. Also I’m down to my last S. It’s getting rough out here.

I saw this quote on Reddit and it seems to have stemmed from a conversation that someone had with someone else. All of the other sources I find when I look it up are more recent than that post.

Now that I’m looking at it, this one might sound deeper at first glance than it really is. I was thinking that it spoke to the finite nature of time, particularly in human terms, but really it just speaks to the unkillable nature of money. You can only spend it, after which point it may theoretically come back to you. Time, on the other hand, just leaves and never comes back. But our language already implies that so maybe this quite is trite and pretentious. Hard to say.

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