But is it to be? That is the question


William H Johnsen? Thomas B Smith? Chumbawumba? I’m not gonna go on record with who said it first but it’s simple enough that it’s easy to claim and it won’t make a lick of difference for the meaning. On to the meaning.

If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. Be the change that you want to see. You just can’t find good help anymore. All these says and more summed up two letters at a time. It rhymes too, so you know it’s true.

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Liquid hot, even



This one may not guide your life so much but it’s good to keep in mind. I mean, yeah, we’ve got a few dozen kilometers of rock beneath us at some points but after that, it just gets hotter and hotter until it’s liquid rocks, which is most of the core of this earth. We’re on a driverless spaceship, ladies and gentlemen, fueled from above by a strong flashlight and from below by a furnace. We make nice ovals around the sun but that sun is making ovals in the galaxy and that galaxy is moving in ways that I no longer remember. Again, maybe this won’t change how you go about your life this week but who knows, maybe it’ll shift your perspective a bit.

Oooh, my sign was in the local paper this week! How marvelous!

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OK, so this is a line from a cartoon. But it was a great cartoon! Uncle Iroh was wonderfully written and we should all be so lucky as to have such kin watching over us.

It’s a good line. You can’t be ashamed if you don’t have pride. Somewhere between catch-22, paradox, and happy irony (Iroh-ny?). But is shame entirely bad? Can it not act as a guiding force when we’re being jerks? But then, why are we jerks if not for pride? The mind boggles.

A big hello to all of my new readers who arrived via Reddit. My viewership stats took an interesting turn this week. Guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for relevant threads. Or maybe y’all can do that work for me. And a shoutout to all those who offered to buy me new letters (I lost another S this week!), though I really can’t accept because vinyl letters are preposterously expensive. If you find a cheap source for 8-7/8″ tall letters, though, let me know.


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Rock-lovers rejoice!


Now you can think of this in a few ways. If you enjoy hobbies that don’t cost much, you can save lots of money and thereby increase your wealth over time. OR if you take pleasure from the truly simple things in life, those which don’t cost much time, effort, blood sacrifices, etc, then yours will truly be an existence blessed with joy.

This was Thoreau, I think. Sounds like something he would say.

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…, ya jerk.


“Do not attribute to malice which easily be explained by stupidity”

Well that wouldn’t exactly have fit up there, now would it? I like the original because it features such words as attribute and explained BUT my version is simple and hopefully gets the point across. People aren’t usually out to screw you. They’re often just being idiots. So have some patience. You’re an idiot sometimes too.

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For in-patients, however, it’s probably best



Change is not a process for the impatient. – Barbara Reinhold, Director Career Development Office, Smith
College, Northhampton, Mass


Not entirely sure where I got this quote but that’s how I have it attributed. And she’s right. No good change is immediate. In movies, protagonists realize what they have to do or what they have to change about themselves and BAM it’s done and they’ve got the girl. But things are the way they are for a reason and the reason is often something along the lines of “it would be hard to do it another way.” So if you seek change, understand that it will be frustrating.

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Do good and do it well.



All men are guilty of the good that they do not do. -Voltaire, I hear. Now obviously you can’t do all the good in the world but that pang of guilt when you neglect to act compassionately is well deserved.

On an entirely unrelated note, I saw the police pull over four cars within fifteens minutes while preparing and putting up this sign. What’s that about?

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